Urduja Co. Jewelry Care

We know you're excited to wear and strut your new Urduja Co. jewelry! Here are a few reminders and guides on how to take care of your new jewelry:

1. Avoid wearing your Urduja Co. piece in wet/humid or hot spaces/activities

This includes doing an intense workout, bathing and swimming while wearing your Urduja Co. jewelry! Even if your piece is made of stainless steel, in order to preserve and prolong its quality and color, such wet/humid or hot spaces/activities may affect your Urduja Co. jewelry.

2. Do not expose your Urduja Co. piece to harsh chemicals

Like spraying perfumes, intense sweating, and alcohol. This affects the color and quality of your piece.

3. Clean with a soft cloth

After every use, clean your Urduja Co. piece gently with a soft cloth and place it back to its resealable plastic or box.

4. Your ph/acidity level may affect your jewelry's color and quality!

If you are aware that your ph/acidity level is high, immediately remove your Urduja Co. jewelry in instances where it may be exposed to extreme sweat as it may affect the color and quality.

5. My personalised piece is made of 92.5 Sterling Silver, how to take care of it?

Sterling Silver is a unique metal that is protected when used daily as the oil our body produces protects it from tarnishing! But do not wear it while swimming or bathing as the other chemicals may harm its quality. When you see dark spots around your sterling silver piece, an easy remedy is to use baking soda and water (you may even mix in a little dish washing soap!) and gently scrub it to bring back it's shiny state.

6. The piece I ordered is made of alloy, how do I take care of it?

Alloy easily tarnishes when exposed to extreme heat/water! Most of our pieces (unless stated otherwise in the product description) are gold plated thrice to last longer, which means a little spritz over here and there wouldn't hurt! As much as possible, we recommend to avoid wearing it when bathing/swimming or exposing it to extreme heat in order to prevent the gold plating from fading faster and tarnishing.